Adults and youth share classes held in sessions extending three weeks with a total of six classes for a total of 15 hours. Five-day youth camps are offered in June to include classroom introduction to principles of sailing and on-the-water experience. Click on ‘About’ for a drop down menu. Click on images to enlarge.



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I’ve no need to describe a glowing list of life benefits to expect from leaning to sail. So many sources have such descriptions and reading here already hints of your curiosity and expectation. You’ve taken Step #1. Next is Step #2 which includes reviewing our schedule of sessions and finding one that fits. We want to provide for you, a child, a spouse and/or a friend, the experience our Melbourne Yacht Club members have discovered. If ‘learn to sail’ is only a ‘bucket list’ item needing a check mark, it will be our pleasure to hand you a Sharpie on the final day. But don’t be surprised if on that day you’ll want to add in a new category… ‘More Sailing Please!’
Rob Downey, MYC Director of Sailing Education

All photos show MYC boats and taken by club members Ross Herbert (main), Rob Downey,and Melissa Tribou.
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